Meet Dr. Rickey

Toronto-based Clinical Psychologist and Health Psychology Specialist with over 40 years of expertise. Renowned for Pioneering Programs and Research. Retired in 2023.

My Experience

I am a clinical psychologist in Toronto, Ontario. I was born and raised in Toronto.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Waterloo in 1980 and completed my one-year pre-doctoral internship at the Lafayette Psychiatric Clinic in Detroit Michigan. I was a Staff Psychologist at Toronto General Hospital where I created the first Pain Management Program in a Department of Psychology in a general hospital in Toronto. I was subsequently the Chief Psychologist at Scarborough Grace Hospital where my staff and I provided treatment to patients in oncology, neurology, cardiology, and family practice as well as psychiatry. 

In 1990, I established a private practice with psychologist, Dr. Nina Mistry. 

  • Prior to my retirement in January 2023, I was a member of the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and a Diplomate in Professional Psychotherapy and a Diplomate in Behavioural Medicine (International Academy of Behavioural Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy).
  • I was also a member of the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment. I have published articles and presented numerous workshops to professional and lay audiences.
  • Over the course of my career, I provided assessment and treatment to individuals, couples, and families, and to all age groups. My specialty was health psychology.
  • I attended court as an expert witness on numerous occasions as part of my work in the areas of personal injury and disability.
  • As a graduate student, I created the Miller Social Intimacy Scale (MSIS), a measure of social intimacy, which continues to be widely employed by researchers. The MSIS was published in the Journal of Personality Assessment in 1982 and is freely available to all investigators on

Besides psychology, I love music and play the violin with the York Symphony Orchestra. I have had a lifetime dream of becoming a published author and have written stories and poems over the years.



There has been no other psychologist for whom I have heard as much praise from clients I see for assessments. I have repeatedly listened to clients tell me over the years during my interviews that you have been the only one to help them, that they do not know what they would have done without you, that you do so much more than other treatment providers have for them, etc etc etc.

I work closely with a friend and colleague and we have had numerous conversations after seeing clients who are receiving subpar treatment that they should have been seeing Rickey Miller!

What a loss it will be to our community for you to retire, but when that day comes, I wish you all the best; happy and healthy times to come, and a well-deserved retirement from a remarkable career.
- Dr. Lara Davidson
Dr. Miller was my very first mentor in my path to becoming a psychologist. She supervised my doctoral research with chronic pain patients in the Pain Clinic she established at the Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network). Subsequently, I served as a staff psychologist under her leadership as Chief Psychologist at Scarborough Grace Hospital.

As my mentor, she was my role model, teacher, and advocate. The clarity and confidence of her voice, her emotional intelligence, and the compassion and care she extended to patients and colleagues inspired and shaped me. And most of all she gave me the gift of believing in myself for which I will always be grateful.
- Dr. Jonathan Quek
I first met Dr. Miller as a psychology doctoral student doing a placement under her supervision. At that time, she was a staff psychologist at a major teaching hospital in Toronto where she had developed a pain management program. I was so impressed by the work she was doing there that I asked her to supervise my dissertation research. It was my very good fortune that she agreed. As a student, I learned a great deal from her, not only about clinical psychology and research, but, especially about truly compassionate, ethical and empathic care for patients. The support and advocacy that she provided for me as a student and young psychologist were invaluable in my professional development. Dr. Miller has never lacked courage to speak the truth and to stand up for principles and people she supports.

I maintained a relationship with Dr. Miller when she became the chief psychologist in a new community hospital and then when she went on to develop a large and varied private practice. We have become friends over the years but, in addition to our friendship, she has continued to be a role model and inspiration to me. I am proud to have her as a mentor, friend and example.
- Dr. Ann Sprague