A Very Narrow Bridge: Reflections of a Psychologist

Dr. Rickey Miller, Psychologist and Author

A Very Narrow Bridge: Reflections of a Psychologist

A Very Narrow Bridge: Reflections of a Psychologist, weaves together my stories with those of my patients to create an intricate tapestry of our common humanity.

We begin as I retire...

This turning point in my life triggers a cascade of questions that my younger self seldom consciously considered.

  • When is it time to give up rather than persist in trying to improve a relationship?
  • What enables us to control our angry feelings in some situations and not in others?
  • Is faith a weakness or a strength?
  • When does helping another become destructive?
  • How can we move from guilt to regret?
  • Do the ends ever justify the means?
  • How is it that we are sometimes resilient and other times sink into despair?

I describe my challenges in raising a gay, brilliant daughter, and a son, with a developmental disability; my struggling through a stormy divorce battle; coping with significant losses and trauma; and caring for an aging parent.

Patients include angry, adolescent boys pressured to participate in group therapy at a psychiatric clinic, an abused woman from Kenya who suffers depression after being injured at work, a woman who is disabled by an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a man from Trinidad who struggles with post-traumatic anxiety. 

The stories shift from the perspective of my younger self to those of my older self, bringing a greater depth to our understanding of the questions and dilemmas that my patients and I faced.

During their journey with me, my hope is that readers will reflect with greater understanding on questions they face and choices that are open to them in moving toward greater self-care.

- Dr. Rickey Miller

Reviews By Psychologists

Dr. Rickey Miller’s A Very Narrow Bridge is a wonderful exploration of suffering, resilience and healing, in which she brilliantly interweaves her patients’ stories with her own journey through many challenges. The book is extremely engaging and readable, providing a window into the mind of an exceptionally skilled psychologist whose compassion and empathy shines through every story. I would highly recommend this fascinating book to clinicians and the general public alike. It is hard to put down.
- Dr. Linda Gruson
An open and intimate look at the author's life. Dr. Miller, psychologist, has integrated her family history and traumas with those of her patients to illuminate their shared humanity. The thoughtfully presented dialogues demonstrate the unique quality of each therapeutic interaction and the complexities in addressing the underlying emotional/physical processes. The wounds of the healer and the patient are the common thread in the author's self-disclosure. This book is a fascinating examination of surviving and thriving in difficult and sometimes toxic environments.
- Dr. Patricia DeFeudis
I’ve known Rickey Miller for years as a Staff Psychologist, Chief Psychologist, scientist, and master clinician. Of course, she could write - professional reports, memos, grant proposals, academic papers, and so on. Who knew she could write literature? But here it is, a retrospective layering stories from her personal and professional life. Beautifully told stories - terrifying, sad, infuriating, loving, funny. Stories that convey how doctor and patient fashion healing for one another. I couldn’t put it down.
- Dr. Rosemary Barnes